Thursday, April 01, 2010

Futile efforts :(

My poor husband. For years, one of his big jobs for Pesach has been to cover the pots hanging from the wall racks in the kitchen. He had it down to a fine science. Plastic garbage bags made better covers than sheets of aluminum foil because they were lighter, and, therefore, easier to hang. Masking tape worked better than regular "Scotch" tape, which didn't "hold." But this year, even the masking tape failed--twice, the hubster carefully covered the pots so well that they were completely invisible (except for the large lumps on the walls :) ), and twice, the covering fell off the walls. Apparently, we got a bad roll of masking tape that wouldn't stick to a painted surface--a first.

For lack of a better alternative, I took all the pots off the racks, stuffed them into garbage bags (by category--parve, dairy, meat), and piled them on the kitchen floor. My husband was so disgusted by then that he actually liked that idea, and said we'd do that next year, too. Now, to figure out how to cover the racks . . .


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